Kindergarten & Preschool (3-5 Years)

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School Readiness Starts Here

Our exceptional Kindergarten and School Readiness Program provides every opportunity to prepare your child for a positive start to their schooling years. At Papilio Early Learning Lutwyche, our Educators strike a balance between child-initiated and teacher-led activities.

We deliver a School Readiness program that specialises in allowing your child to slowly adapt to their new school environment socially, emotionally and mentally before they even arrive.

Our program, run by our amazing Early Childhood Teacher Hanna, combines fun with learning in every aspect. We have a focus on science experiments that also meet the fundamentals of numeracy and literacy skills, investigative skills and group interaction.

While the program is play based we use technology to help enhance our skills through the use of our iPad stations, reading eggs and Mathseeds Programs, as well as our interactive whiteboard. By using a different range of teaching methods the children are exposed to various learning tools and tactics and are getting the best start in preparing for Primary School.  

When the time comes to transition to school, your child will be ready to spread their wings and fly.

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