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Our People

At Lutwyche Papilio, our centre community is made up of a close-knit team of professional, qualified and passionate educators, teachers and staff.  

We are responsive and caring educators who endeavour to build positive relationships with your family and loving connections with your child. We recognise your child’s individuality and are committed to nurturing them and instilling the skills and curiosity they need to confidently step into the world as lifelong learners.   

Meet Our Centre Manager

Name: Michelle Hanson

Years in Childcare: 25 years

Qualifications: Diploma of Children’s Services

What makes you passionate about Early Childhood Education? I have a genuine passion for working with children and feel blessed that I can provide opportunities to influence and shape the lives of young children and their families. As an Early Childhood Educator each day is different, everyday is gratifying, and I get to be apart of a community that helps children learn, grow, and develop to their greatest potential.

Why do you believe your centre is an excellent choice for parents seeking the best child care? At Papilio Lutwyche our purpose-built centre offers a homely feel with five learning spaces and rooftop playground.  Our learning spaces are filled with modern resources whilst our special outdoor area offers bike tracks, designated sports area, large fort, and water park. Our indoor and outdoor spaces ensure your child is always learning, encouraged to be inquisitive, supported as they grow whilst having serious fun and ‘indikiduality’

Our loving, passionate and professional educators deliver high quality care and curriculums for your child to assist with growth, sense of agency and foundational learning.

Meet our Assistant Manager

Meet our Assistant Manager

Name: Amanda Carter

Years in Childcare: 11

Qualifications: Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care.

What makes you passionate about Early Childhood Education? I feel the most important part of being an educator is having respect for children and realising that each child is an individual who will express himself/herself in their own way. We aim to create a healthy and safe environment that allows children to be creative, stimulated and curious about the world around them. Encouraging learning through play, dance, reading and exploring is the most effective way for children to grow and develop into positive and caring human beings.

What makes your centre different from others? Our Centre is conveniently located across the road from Lutwyche train station for an easy commute to the inner city. Our roof-top playground allows children from all age groups to play together and support each other’s gross motor learning and development. Our purpose-built classrooms offer play based and structured learning for children to develop their social, emotional and cognitive skills through STEM, Literacy and Numeracy and creative opportunities.
Meet our Third in Charge

Meet our Third in Charge

Name: Elle Clarkson

Years in Childcare: 5

Qualifications: Diploma in early childhood education.

What makes you passionate about Early Childhood Education? Being a part of a child’s learning and development journey is truly a an incredibly rewarding experience. I absolutely love seeing children making connections in a play-based learning environments whilst guiding their foundational learning through creative curriculum, I am passionate about modeling behaviors and being a part of helping to raise confident and empowered children.

What makes your centre different from others? Our state-of-the-art facilities and modern recourses contribute to creating an amazing learning environment for children of all ages. Our staff are passionate and dedicated and absolutely love what they do!